Measure the health of your Agile transformation

Enterprise Business Agility℠ Radar

Measure and track the health of your Agile transformation

Organizations evolve to become complex systems of delivery. All the touch points, from ideation and funding, to the point at which value finally reaches the customer, become hardened toward the current method of delivery. For example, when an organization is operating in a traditional waterfall method of delivery, the funding model, governance, change management, metics, and even their organizational structure, will support the waterfall method of delivery. And when organizations decide to undertake an Agile transformation, they generally focus on one of those areas - frequently that is the team level. However, changing the way teams work does not undo all of the other layers of the organization that are designed for waterfall delivery.

The Enterprise Business Agility℠ assessment provides the ability for leaders to evaluate the entirety of the organization and develop a roadmap to make all the necessary changes to create a full Agile system of delivery.


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AgilityIQ guides you through a comprehensive Enterprise Business Agility℠ Assessment that evaluates the seven key areas that help to enable Agility across your organizations. After the assessment is complete, we work with your leadership team to develop a comprehensive transformation roadmap. The assessment can be done on a quarterly basis to evaluate progress. Our coaches are certified in multiple areas, including facilitation, offering the expertise needed to achieve a successful Agile Transformation.

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