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Agile Coaching Services

Expert Coaching and Sustainable Results

AgilityIQ's coaches bring extensive experience to help teams avoid anti-patterns and achieve one of the primary goals of Agile - predictably. Through the effective use of Portfolio, Program, and Team level assessments, our coaches can bring visibility to the areas that your system of delivery requires the most help. They also help your organization evaluate tools, implement advanced techniques, and track your overall business agility.
AgilityIQ's coaches are equipped to not only improve the effectiveness of teams, but also refine your product strategy, delivery governance, funding and incentive models, and overall employee satisfaction.

Experienced Agile Coaches and Consultants

AgilityIQ’s coaches and consultants typically have more than 10 years of experience working in agile environments and have managed agile transformations in multiple companies. They know the challenges faced by your teams, and how to maximize the benefits of agile initiatives.

Flex Schedule and On-Demand Coaching Services

AgilityIQ offers on-demand and flex-schedule coaching services. These arrangements can be based on a set number of coaching days and/or training sessions to be used on a scheduled basis. Flex-schedule coaching services can also be leveraged to guide and support your organizations agile transformation.

Not All Agile Coaches Are Created Equal

AgilityIQ recognizes that our clients have a variety of coaching needs. Our first step is to work with our clients to identify their outcomes and key results and then we align the right coaching and consulting talent to ensure those goals are achieved.

Agile Team Coaches

Agile team coaches work with individual teams to help them implement and improve agile practices. Typically they have experience playing multiple roles on agile teams, including the role of scrum master. They have the ability to articulate the business value of agile practices (for example, to answer the question, “Why do we do it this way?”). Agile coaches have strong facilitation and diplomatic skills, including the ability to read organizations and bring the right people onto teams at the right time to overcome impediments.

Agile Technical Coaches

Agile technical coaches have the ability to explain and implement advanced agile technical practices such as DevOps, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. Typically, they have up-to-date programming skills, experience with agile team coaching Test-Driven Development (TDD), a deep understanding of refactoring and emergent design, and experience installing and using tools for software configuration management, continuous integration, and agile project management.

Enterprise Agile Coaches

Enterprise agile coaches provide planning and support services when multiple lines of business are transitioning to Agile in parallel. Our enterprise coaches work with senior management to plan organizational structures that support agile transformation. They work with senior architects to plan the transition to an agile approach to Enterprise Architecture, and with testing leaders to create and mentor teams in agile testing approaches. They work with IT infrastructure leaders to plan and operationalize an agile approach to infrastructure. Typically, enterprise agile coaches have extensive experience working with senior leaders in large organizations, an understanding of all major technology roles, from development and testing, to project management, to product development, to product Portfolio Management, an in-depth understanding of systems thinking and planning, and world-class communication and facilitation skills

Agile Leadership Coaching

While we want teams to solve many of their own challenges, leaders play a critical part in this process by helping teams continue to improve and develop. Great leaders engage with people and teams to address issues, like conflict, head-on helping teams find ways to gain from conflict and improve. They don’t have the luxury of telling teams “you are empowered” and walking away – they must do ‘just enough’ to help teams thrive. This requires leaders to have the awareness and protocols in place to know when they might be limiting the team. AgilityIQ brings critical tools, techniques, skills, and ideas from our professional coaching experience to help leaders thrive in an Agile environment. Incorporating brain-based training, neuroscience, leadership, change management, and much more to help leaders succeed.

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